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by Sam Lock

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i wrote the first three songs in 2 days and the last one in 2 days. but this happened months apart.
recording was an arduous process but also the best process i've had yet, which is why these songs are actually online.

all willow's eve is about moving to the wonderful city of edinburgh and an appreciation of all the amazing people i've met. it also deals with arguments. the before sunset sample is there to reference the other side of things. i don't write songs very well if i'm honest, it all just kinda comes out.

jesse and celine is about being ill and unemployed for longer than i would have liked to be. its actually not that fun being stuck in an amazing city while also being too tired to do anything. but i think im over the worst of it now. of course also references the before trilogy which im still in love with. i have yet to see better acting than in before midnight.

fuck off to the highlands deals with things i've written about before. im kind of learning that life is getting a LOT more emotional as the years pass. but i'm also learning that i shouldn't be so angry with people that disagree with me.

thanks for reading! i'm sure i was proud of these songs at one time or another.


released June 22, 2017

thank you to all who spurred me on, and mainly to lauren&joe&sophie&jess



all rights reserved


Sam Lock Edinburgh, UK

i hope you like my music.
HMU if you wanna start a band.

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Track Name: all willow's eve
telephone for you
i wished that you lived round the corner
and now that you do
we hardly see each other
but dont cry
you know the one place that i'll be, and i'll be there all the time

28, 28, stamping on the floor
make it feel like its the scene of a crime
fall in love for the 66th time
ive got no choice now, wanna throw in the towel or

reverse it reverse it, reverse her whole argument again just know that
she hates it, you love it, i see it, she knows it, i'm stopping short but im not sure how much more i can take

take my love and keep it all for yourself,
or share it with daf and sophia, i'm counting on them to share with everyone else
i know people now i thought would never want to
see my face more than twice a week

best rom com, we could count it down from 3 and we would say the same one
best, horror film, you'd say yours was poltergeist but i dont really have one
Track Name: jesse & celine
this is where i give up
walking marchmont in the dark just to fill my cup
yeah its past 10, but shut up
im still reeling from the news i don't get out too much

margiotta baby, take me i'm so tired of being so lazy

and don't you see the irony in that
when i'm given plenty chances but not turning up to bat

fatigue, fatigue you bury me,
i've been walking round the city all day with you but you just signalled you were tired of my musings
now i don't think its amusing in 3 years im 24
what if i'm still stuck in paris, you're in greece, i'm not so sure
now i know that we're not jesse and celine
but i'm aching for a something more serene

i'm on warrender park, got a list of things
i won't do tomorrow

and dont you see a bit more sense in that,
i'd much rather be at home just drinking

now i dont think its amusing in 3 years where will i be
you're out drifting on a lilo, while i'm drowning in the sea
and i know that i just stole that from LC,
but doesn't that just sum me up quite perfectly

fatigue fatigue, you bury me,
i've been walking round the city all day with you but you just signalled you were tired
i don't blame you, i'm getting pretty tired of me
left alone with just myself for company
but fucking up alone, i guess is less embarassing
Track Name: fuck off to the highlands
fuck off to the highlands,
and drop off the end
i vow i will send my love

if you see me smiling,
its only pretend
i'm still getting used to my morals

time, time heals, time, time can't heal this

so if you fuck off to the highlands
i don't hope you'll write,
i don't hope you'll read my letters
it'll be a long while and if you see the light
you'll know at least that you made it at all better

inside side side your mind

century breaks,
will you break century
folk like you they always do, must be the way
when the air is so much colder, i just hope you warm to getting older
is it a burden or dya wear it as a badge of honour?

when one person says the opposite of things you thought they'd say
just try remember that they're separate and look the other way
cos i spoke of you again last night and, broke a bottle in my hand
i'd need stitches for the second time if i saw you again

i need to, make a decision i wish i didn't have to make
break in a notion i guessed i'd never need to break
i think i'm cutting you out

(make him colder make make him colder, they sing
make him colder theres no returning from it
make him colder i can't console ya its looking pretty bad from where i'm standing
its looking pretty bad mate)

(and i fall down, my face it hits the ground
and i fall down my face it hits the ground
i'd call you to calm me down, but therein lies the crutch
i hate you so much, i hate you so much)

time heals, time can't heal this
Track Name: badbones
i wanna talk about this
you wanna talk about, anything else but this
but all i am this
i've tricked my brain for this
you've been on dates three nights before and it just wasn't this
came back and cried into the pillow
so here i am doing the same
cos i know all three of your names already
head buried in chest already
one kiss on the wrist, i clearly drifted off cos here we are again

pausing for effect or does your brain work slowly
i'm fumbling my words but blaming my throat

i figured i'd figured it out by now
i figured i'd never listen but here i am doing the very same thing they always told me about, and i hate it
am i not interesting enough?
am i not interesting enough?
well clearly not

bad bad bones in my body
bad bad brain in my head
bad bad bones in my body
bad bad heart in my chest

won't let myself get cynical, won't let my heart ruin my head
i've locked myself inside before and i've always made it out again
so tell me now just what i need, cos i cannot figured this out
i'm striking down but i can't follow through and im feeling so stressed out about it

phone my mother, phone phone my father,
can't stay out here on my own
watch the sunset, holy water
think thats as far it goes

bad bad bones in my body
bad bad brain in my head
bad bad bones in my body, bad heart in my chest

i fall in love with the one girl that can stand to be around me
i swear i swear i swear, nothings ever ever gonna come between us now
cos she's so sweet, yeah she's the opposite of me
so when she's handing out an olive branch, i'm hanging from the tree
no more, not gonna be that guy

bad bad bones in my body
bad bad bones in my body,
bad bad bones in my body
bad bad bones
bad bad bones